Spruce Index Returns October 2018

In October financial markets sold off broadly with global stocks declining -7.49%, bonds -0.79%, and commodities down -1.97%. The United States, previously a safe-haven from imploding overseas markets, finally capitulated

Volatility: Better Get Used To It

In December and January we wrote a market outlook that named 2018 as the “Year of the Bond Market” based upon our view that interest rates would rise more than

Spruce Index Returns September 2018

September saw wide dispersion in returns with gains in Japan, S&P 500, U.K. and Developed International stocks up +5.68%, +0.57%, +1.05%, and +0.54% respectively while REITs, Small Caps, Real Estate

Spruce Index Returns August 2018

In the month of August global stocks rose a modest +0.79% but that did not reflect the significant dispersion in regional returns. The S&P 500 Index, powered by U.S. technology