Spruce Index Returns September 2018

September saw wide dispersion in returns with gains in Japan, S&P 500, U.K. and Developed International stocks up +5.68%, +0.57%, +1.05%, and +0.54% respectively while REITs, Small Caps, Real Estate

Spruce Index Returns August 2018

In the month of August global stocks rose a modest +0.79% but that did not reflect the significant dispersion in regional returns. The S&P 500 Index, powered by U.S. technology

Spruce Index Returns July 2018

In July, global equities posted more strong gains with the S&P 500 up +3.72% and global stocks up +3.02%. In the U.S. gains were led by Industrials +7.39%, MLPs +6.58%,

Spruce Index Returns June 2018

In June global stocks were flat with U.S. stocks gaining 0.62%, international developed stocks losing -1.98%, and emerging markets stocks declining -4.15%. Argentina led the losers with a -21.96% loss