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Spruce Index Returns June 2018

In June global stocks were flat with U.S. stocks gaining 0.62%, international developed stocks losing -1.98%, and emerging markets stocks declining -4.15%. Argentina led the losers with a -21.96% loss

Spruce Index Returns May 2018

In spite of a plethora of fears and negative headlines equities powered ahead with gains in May led by technology +6.78%, small caps +6.07%, and MLPs +5.05%. Globally stocks gained

Spruce Market Data April 2018

In the month of April market gains were seen in equities, commodities and Bitcoin. The latter surged an incredible +30.6% versus +1.1% for the S&P 500 and +1.0% for global

Q1 2018: Regime Shift

After a stellar 2017 and January 2018 where the S&P 500 Index rallied 21.8% and 5.7% respectively, the beginning of February marked the largest equity markets decline since 2011.